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Not Just Another School

There are 1000s of schools which impart education, but they are either not affordable or do not inculcate values in students.

Recognising the lack of good schools which offer Value Based Eduction in an affordable manner, Bhagavan Baba during his visit to Bagepalli on 11th June 2000 said

"This area needs a good school, which I will establish"

Unique Facets

We understand the importance of values in moulding the character of a student. Therefore we strive to go beyond educating students for a career to empowering them to be agents of transformation in the society.

Our Story So Far

Bhagavan Baba instructed and inspired us to make education accessible to the rural children. Staying true to this, beginning with 10 villages in 2000, we have reached out to more 5000 students from 77 villages.

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Our Track Record

Right from the beginning, we have strived to offer education that is not only high in academic standards but also infused with values. And the numbers speak for themselves.



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We Have Made a Difference ....


As you sow, so you reap. The seeds sown in the students in the form of values during their formative years, have enabled them to become responsible citizens today – respected & admired by family, friends & society.

Mission 2025

Inspired by the transformation our alumni have been able to bring about in the society, we are aspiring to reach out to as many needy ones as possible and open the doors of a better world for them.

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Transform Lives of

Students Every Year

You Can Make a Difference Too

Many times we get lost in the more mundane things of the world.
Once in a while we get an opportunity to do a little more …
… to play a part in the transformation of a child…
… and through the child, a family, the society …
… the nation and eventually the world.